Swiss Audit Market 2018

Facts & Figures over 100'000 mandates

Who are our competitors and how are they positioned on the market?   

In which industry/sector shall we diversify or reinforce our business development efforts?    

In which canton shall we prospect to improve local footprint?     

Which mandates held by my competitors are more likely to end within the next 12 months?   

How can we maximize customer retention and increase market share?

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In Switzerland, almost 100’000 limited companies and foundations are audited by licensed firms every year. As of 2018, “Big 4” consulting firms are covering 14% of all audit mandates, mainly auditing the segment of large companies, but other auditing firms are also significant on the market, mainly active locally on the SMEs segment.

Business-Monitor is analyzing this market thanks to exhaustive data extracted from the commerce registry, covering all regions and sectors over the last 10 years.

Gender equality report, supported by PwC

A new perspective on gender equality in Switzerland      

Focused on company leadership (not salaries)

Based on all Swiss companies (900’000), from big listed companies 

to small family businesses (not a sample of 100 big companies)

Covers all industries, company types and regions

10 years evolution (is the situation improving?)

Split by seniority of roles (in leadership teams do women hold the most senior roles?)

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